Meeting Minutes: 6 September 2013 (Positions, Survey, Search, Halloween Party)

EGO’s having a Halloween party. I expect it will look something like this. But with more girls.

I. In order to work most efficiently, Stephanie proposed adding official positions for EGO officers. After unanimous approval, the positions are as follows:

  • President: Stephanie Weaver
  • Treasurer: Amy Lueck
  • Secretary / Blog: Elizabeth Chamberlain
  • MA Student Liaison: Megen Boyett
  • PhD Student Liaison: Ashley Ludewig
  • Faculty Liaison: Ben Wetherbee
  • Social Chair: Amy Nichols

II. Susan Ryan contacted Stephanie about getting an EGO representative to conduct a survey of students re: satisfaction with course offerings.

  • Ben volunteered and will contact Dr. Ryan.
  • Amy did it two years ago, via Survey Monkey, and is willing to offer further help.
  • Drew did it last year and might have suggestions.

III. There will be a faculty search this year, for three comp/rhet spots. Bronwyn will soon be contacting EGO, asking us to elect a student rep.

  • Megen has volunteered to handle the election of that student rep.
  • She will send out three sets of emails: (1)  “This position is open. Please contact me if you’re interested by X date,” (2) “These people are interested, please vote,” (3) “A winner has been elected.”
  • Positions are fairly open-ended: history, director of comp, public rhet., or “anything else.”

IV. EGO will be having a Halloween Party this year.

  • Date will be Saturday October 26th.
  • Location: Amy Nichols has offered to host. She’ll check with housemates this week to confirm.
  • Food: EGO has a few burgers left from the party. All other food will be potluck. We’ll do a Sign Up Genius to make sure we get food in several categories. Ashley proposes a “Halloween-themed” food category.
  • Decorations: We have enough in the EGO budget to get some inexpensive decorations & prizes for a costume contest.
  • Entertainment: Stephanie has this totally awesome game called Ultimate Werewolf. Also, we’ll do some kind of costume contest; we may do white elephant-style prizes for subcategory winners.
  • We should send out a Save the Date email soon.

V. Treasurer responsibilities.

  • Amy will have the checkbook. If you buy anything for EGO, keep your receipt, give it to Amy.
  • She’s also in charge of checking EGO mailbox. There’s a cardboard box up in the English office, too (’cause we’re classy like that).

VI. Liaisons will email students today, informing everyone about the dates/times of EGO meetings.

VII. Stephanie has keys to the EGO closet.

VIII. Next meeting: Friday, October 11, at 3 pm in the EGO kitchen.