Meeting Minutes (11 October 2013)

EGO Meeting, October 11, 2013

Notes by Stephanie Weaver

Things that we discussed briefly:

  • Possibility of EGO matching RSA funds for the Rhetoric Reading Group
  • Confirming our contribution to the GSU’s sponsored bowling night
  • Possibility of bake sale along with annual book sale to raise some extra funds; asking EGO members to contribute baked goods
  • Organizing an EGO outing to an open skate at a local ice rink and/or UofL club hockey team game
  • Plans to begin planning for the Louisville Conference on Literature Grad Student Luncheon after the Halloween party; some focus on encouraging MA students to participate

More detailed plans for Halloween Party

  • No decorations unless they are borrowed from EGO members; instead we will have candles and mood music/noises
  • Food Concerns
    • Things we know we have: meat burgers, buns, utensils, napkins, chips, mixed nuts, cups
    • Things we weren’t sure we still have: condiments, plates, veggie burgers
    • Things we will need to get: sodas, ice (Amy N. is going to do the shopping for these items and any others we might need)
    • Costume Contest
      • Costumed individuals will receive a number to pin on their person; costumed groups will have a group number (Stephanie will take care of numbers and pins)
      • We will have a costume presentation at approximately 9:30; voting will open after that
      • The ballot will ask voters to choose best individual and group costume along with a set of special categories (most literary, most half-assed, most disturbing, longest explanation necessary, etc. – Ashley has the full list and will make the ballots)
      • We are asking for donations from Bearno’s (Amy L.) and Gray’s Bookstore (Amy N.) for prizes; we are also considering bringing unwanted items from home as prizes for the “special” categories, depending on what donations we get
      • Party Reminders – we’re going to send out several reminders over the next couple of weeks about the party and food sign-up as well as more detailed info about the costume contest