Meeting Minutes: 28 January 2014

Louisville Conference Lunch (2/21, noon):

  • Alan Golding has offered conference funds to buy food and has reserved the area outside Chao for that Friday, 12:15-1:15
  • Ashley will order catering—City Cafe, $7 for a box lunch (sandwich chips cookie)—and email Dr. Golding for confirmation re: payment
  • Pick up drinks a couple of days before: Amy L. will be out of town, but will reimburse Stephanie on return
  • Last year, we had 80 people at the lunch. We’ll order 80 lunches this year.

Book Sale

  • Tentative dates: April 2,3,4
  • Megan will put a sign-up sheet over at the writing center
  • Will do a Google Doc for staffing sign-up
  • Re: donations, there are already a ton in the closet & kitchen
  • One day we’ll also hold a bake sale (probably first day)

Summer Project

  • Start Amazon bookseller site or eBay for books not sold through booksale
  • Can sell old textbooks as long as they do not say not for resale

EGO-sponsored writing group

  • Ideally, if we can find a faculty remember who would be willing to be a part of one
  • Will send out an email, poll Facebook page for interest
  • Might find that it’s best to do two groups
  • Will start in March (give us a month to get things together)

EGO-sponsored business cards for students

  • Could do runs of 25 per student or something
  • Use on-campus printing services
  • Give them a date to say “yes I want this”

Adding bios/pics to English website

  • Was supposed to happen last year
  • Ben will keep putting EGO pressure

Do an EGO “filling out travel reimbursement” paperwork workshop

  • After CCCC, book the Mac Lab for a couple of hours
  • Will ask Harley to be there for GSC stuf
  • Will email Caroline and tell her we’re going to do it, double-check procedure

End-of-the-year party

  • Usually have it Friday or Saturday after semester (Apr 25 or 26)
  • Tentative plan: rent karaoke room at the sushi place

Email asking for new EGO officers will happen mid-semetser (end of March, beg of April)

  • Having a joint summer project will help that transition