Meeting Minutes: 25 March 2014

Refreshments for Symposium on Thursday (1:30 – 4)
Amy got some money for drinks/snacks through the Provost’s office; will buy them and get reimbursed

  • coffee
  • cups
  • napkins
  • plates
  • fruit tray
  • veggie tray
  • cheese/crackers
  • cookies
  • soda – diet, coke, sprite
  • bottled water

Will set them up at the beginning of question/answer section

Book Sale (Weds April 9 – Fri April 11, 10 am – 4 pm)

  • dropping bake sale idea (maybe next year)
  • Amy will withdraw $30 in change – some ones, fives, quarters
  • Ben will send out a Google Docs sign-up page: 1-hour slots, with 3 people for set-up and teardown, and 2 for other hours
  • Elizabeth will send out announcement over UofL today, SGA, SIGS, EGO
  • Stephanie will call physical plant to have tables and chairs brought down
  • Setup: can get cart from upstairs—ask Annelise for cart to get the key

Setup: Amy L
Teardown: Ben + Stephanie

Setup: Ashley
Teardown: Megen

Setup: Elizabeth
Teardown: Ben + Stephanie


50c paperback, $1 hardcover
$2 anthology
$1 movies
50c CDs

Business Cards

  • before Watson next year would be good
  • can set up templates


Comp Textbooks

  • have talked about putting them online
  • will not lug them upstairs for booksale
  • Steph will take them to a bookstore called McCay’s in hometown


Officers for Next Year

  • need to send out notice re: getting officers for next year, probably around the time of the book sale
  • would be good to have overlap or at least one or two giant meetings with everyone present
  • Amy N, Ashley, and Ben will be staying

End-of-the-Year Party

  • sushi karaoke place? or microbrews with tastings? BBC? Cumberland? River City? Falls City?
  • EGO will buy some appetizers for people
  • Ashley will call around and see who has a room and who doesn’t charge