Meeting Minutes: 9 Sept 2014

Items of attention:

Sign up for offices

Business cards

Date for Halloween party

Budget needed



President: Ashley Ludewig

Faculty liaison: Ben Wetherbee

Accountant: Megan Hartline

Secretary/Digital/Blog: Jamila Kareem and Laura Tetreault

Needs updating and easier accessibility – contact Elizabeth C.

Social Coordinator: Travis Rountree and Destiny Minton

PhD Liaison: Meghan Hancock

MA Liaison: Ashley Flesher

*Accountant needs to meet with Schneider about new names on accounts


Business cards

Card stock at Kroger

Cards for everyone? Based on template

How to distribute:

Signup/by request

Funded by EGO – still need budget

Ben has made template

Megan has possible alternative option

Everyone gets one page: 16 cards

People cut themselves

UofL wants us to use their logo

Version available to download for free (Plain)

Any objections to that version?


Megan will send out email about business card signup

Send Google doc link for blog

Response for cards due by Sept 19.

Suggestions for what to put on it?

Will be getting cards by Watson

If people want more copies, email us for pdf.


Halloween party

                October 25th

No objections

Travis’ house

Themed rooms

Last year:

Costume contest

Prizes from Gray’s book store

Let’s buy Travis some outdoor lighting?

Yes… inexpensive options

Bring necessities: EGO support

*Take your stuff home*

EGO provides main course, people bring extras

Attendees bring own coolers


MA and PhD liaison send email about positions and previewing Halloween party.


Other orders of business

1) Travel funding

Grant research

Award, possibly at end of semester

Service? Noms from faculty?

Shelve it until next meeting

2) EGO Workshops:

Ask what people are interested in on listserv

MA student workshops too

Applying to PhD progs… should be very soon

Date:  9/25 – Signup Document

Megan and Laura: at 12pm

Meeting adjourned.