Meeting Minutes 7 Jan 2015

$25 to GSU for bowling event happening soon

LCLC Luncheon

  • Golding working with coordinators to get list of registered grad students to contact about luncheon
  • Next year will put registration form for luncheon on general registration
  • Will look into last year’s numbers and get back with estimated head count
  • Need volunteer to head up luncheon
  • Suggest using Louisville Catering Company who did Watson
  • Ashley will round up volunteers
  • Last year was in Interfaith Center, if in then need more explicit signs, directions
  • How to reach out to grad students: email, Facebook group
  • Money: haven’t given money to it in the past
  • Last year spent close to $400
  • Said would be willing to give a small amount of money
  • Around $150


  • Document that states mission, what EGO does, how it operates

Ashley, Ben, Laura, Destiny

  • Conference presentation workshop

Ben and Travis in February, before LCLC

Other workshops: Exams

  • 4Cs
  • Networking (March) (Megan H and Amy?)
  • Job documents?
  • Lump together with how to apply for adjunct jobs or nonacademic jobs
  • More for MA students

Book sale:

  • At least 2 afternoons needed to sort books in kitchen, closet, and English office, early April
  • Weeding out comp textbooks no one will buy

Could ask if need them for any literacy organizations:

Kathryn (Family Scholar House)

Michelle (Center for Women and Families)

Money on food for people volunteering

Tentative idea of when to do it: mid-April, after Cs and spring break by a couple weeks

Asking Annelise for a request for no more not-for-resale textbooks to be donated

Could start selling some things on Amazon (just not not-for-resale ones)

Get word out sooner than last year

Will set date in February or March

Google docs spreadsheets for Morton chair breakfasts and job talks

Megan will ask Susan Griffin if wants EGO’s assistance

Textbooks in basement: should move to lounge?

Quicker to get to in basement

Should be sorted

Later will plan end of semester party

Start brainstorming for ideas