Meeting Minutes 31 March 2015

Book Sale

The book sale runs April 8-10 (next Wednesday-Friday) from 10am-4pm.  Location is still TBA, but we’re pretty confident we will be able to use the Bingham foyer again and we should have word on that in the next day or two.


Exam Prep/Tips Meeting

Megan is working on a Doodle for the 2nd-year cohort to find out when it’s ideal for them to schedule this meeting.  Once we get a day/time, we’ll send out a general invitation for folks who have survived exams to come and impart some wisdom if they’re available.


End-of Semester Party

Based on how last year’s gathering went, we decided that we’d do the same thing again this year (because of BBC’s ability to accommodate a large party, the affordable food, and the good beer, etc).  The party will be Thursday April 30th at 7pm.  I’ll be handling the reservations, etc.


Ongoing/Unresolved Items

1) I need to contact Stephen to find out if he’s waiting on us to schedule the CCCC proposal writing workshop.  I think that’s usually been Bronwyn, but since he’s not here it may have fallen onto our plate.
2) I still need to write the mini-constitution that Stephen requested.  Hope to get it done by the end of next week and sent out to you folks for approval.
3) Megan brought up the possibility of working with a local community group to have an EGO-sponsored English Grad Student Day of Service.  It wouldn’t be taking place until late June or early July, though, so we’ll talk about it again/get it organized and scheduled when we get closer to then.