EGO Halloween Party Recap

Thanks to all who came to this year’s EGO Halloween party!  The party was a smashing success with a great turnout, some seriously delicious (and sometimes spooky!) food, and a ton of fantastic costumes!

EGO Halloween

In case you missed it, this year’s costume contest prizes were $5 to Heine Brothers, $5 in free books at the EGO book sale in the spring, and a dazzlingly random and weird trophy that will no doubt be a prized possession for years to come (just kidding… sort of). 12209047_10103493566910710_326969121_o

The winners were:

Best Solo Costume: Travis Rountree as The Two Twains


Best Duo Costume: Anthony Gross and Jonathan as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Longest Costume Explanation: Karley Miller and Austin as The Passionate Shepherd to His Nymph and the Nymph’s Reply

Funniest Costume: Stephen Cohen as Donald Trump

Most Disturbing Costume:  …Stephen Cohen as Donald Trump


The Looks Least Like Your Real Self Award: Kathryn Perry as Katy Perry


The Honorary Mike Sobiech Award: Rick Wysocki and his 404 Error t-shirt

Special thanks to Travis Rountree for hosting and to everyone who helped by making sure the masses were fed and who helped with the clean-up!