November 1 Meeting Minutes

  • Halloween Party recap
  • Reminder for PhD committee workshop to be sent out
  • Sign up sheet / food (contact Ashanka re: numbers) for MA prospectus workshop — Emily contact Karen Kopelson and Susan Ryan re: the MA prospectus process
  • Holiday charity: decide before Monday
  • Emily contact The Center for Women and Families
  • January: workshop for article for publication with Bronwyn Williams
  • LCLC: grad lunch
  • Money talk for the spring — charity with Family Scholar House, book sale in April, closing hang out
  • Spring guest bloggers ideas: “What I’m working on” from people who didn’t have the opportunity last year; “What I learned at Louisville” for leaving people (Ph.D., MA, faculty); Administrative experiences / ways to talk about work in the department — use of folder to hold blog posts that we get as submissions