Weekly Roundup: January 15 – 22


Ph.D. Peer Mentor Selection
 The time has come to select the peer mentors for our incoming class of PhD students! If you are interested in being Peer Mentor Coordinator or a Peer Mentor this year please email Megan Hartline with a brief description of why you are interested in this position by next Friday, January 20 (megan.hartline@louisville.edu).
For a full description of our peer mentoring program and what your duties as the peer mentoring coordinator or peer mentor would entail, please see the following message from Stephen Schneider:
Hello all and happy new year! With the start of the new year, it is time for you all to be thinking about and selecting a peer mentor coordinator and peer mentors.
Peer mentoring responsibilities will start as early as early February, in terms of answering questions from prospective students, and then these queries will likely pick up once we have accepted people and awarded fellowships etc and continue on through April.
Mentors will be paired up (the Peer Mentor Coordinator does this pairing, with my help) with our visiting students, who will visit this year on Feb 24, and mentors are expected to help out a lot on that day: to attend the a.m. meeting w/ me, to help with transportation and general companionship/touring visitors around campus, to get visiting students safely to and from the party etc etc.
Then, peer mentoring lasts through the next academic year and, ideally, longer: If the prospective/admitted student with whom the mentor is paired comes to U of L, the mentoring student will remain her/his mentor throughout the first year in the program and, again ideally, beyond. If the assigned mentee does not come, the mentor will be paired with a student who is invited later. So, while it is ideal to have a mix of mentors from various stages of the program, people who volunteer do need to know they will be here at least for next academic year (17-18) to participate. – SS

This year, we are particularly interested in people who are willing to act as strong mentors over the next year, not just recruiters over the next month. We are concerned with the frequent drop off in mentoring practices that occurs during new students’ first year here and looking for peer mentors who are committed to recruiting students this spring and mentoring them over the next year. Again, please be sure to email me a brief description of why you are interested in being a peer mentor by Friday, January 20 if you want to volunteer as peer mentor coordinator or as a peer mentor.

What I’m Working On Series
EGO is continuing our “What I’m working on” series again this Spring. We would like to know what you’re working on right now, that you’d like to share with other grad students in our program.This is a low-stakes, no-pressure way to share what projects you’ve been thinking about, what you’ve written recently, or what you’re excited to be working on next. In this space, you can share seminar-inspired research, reflect on a class you’re teaching, or work through your own ideas about a project-in-progress.

Suggested word count is also low-stakes: 500 words. Plus a photo. Please sign up for January through April slots at the link here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OW27YFSkOUC37lAQdMiNs6-H0UkXDys7kqEQ_23pVNs/edit?usp=sharing

If you have any questions, you can contact Chris Scheidler at casche03@exchange.louisville.edu.

Digital Media Research

Rick Wysocki is the digital media research assistant this year. He will have open hours in the Mac Lab (HUM 204) all semester to help Faculty, Graduate Students, and Students with multimodal and digital projects. His hours are Mondays from 1-2 p.m. and Fridays from 2-3 p.m. From Rick: “I’m happy to help people across the university with their digital/multimodal projects. It is also a good thing for teachers to let their students know about if they need access to a computer or specifically to a Mac.”


Discourse and Semiotics Workshop: Research Methods to Understand Middle Grades Readers’ Semiotic Awareness by Dr. Kathryn Whitmore and Dr. James. Chisholm 

  • January 20, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
  • Humanities 300

*Check out the Writing Center events calendar for upcoming writing events.

*Check out the PLAN Workshop series through the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies for professional development workshop opportunities.