Weekly Roundup: January 29 – February


The Peer Review: Graduate Student Reviewers

The Peer Review is recruiting Graduate Student Reviewers! GSRs both serve as inside reviewers in our double-blind, two-step review process and represent graduate students on the TPR board.

Duties include reading and offering written feedback on submissions; promptly replying to all correspondence; attending all board meetings and participating in board decisions; promoting the journal at conferences and professional gatherings; and supporting efforts to recruit submissions.

GSRs have a two-year term limit, must be graduate students at the time of application, and may only publish reviews and interviews in TPR, but not their own scholarship or research while serving in this role

 Application: Brief biography, description of why you want the position, and CV (1-2 page) emailed to editorstpr@gmail.com by February 17th. The position will be announced March 1, with work starting immediately.

Digital Media Research

Rick Wysocki is the digital media research assistant this year. He will have open hours in the Mac Lab (HUM 204) all semester to help Faculty, Graduate Students, and students with multimodal and digital projects. His hours are Mondays from 1-2 p.m. and Fridays from 203 p.m. From Rick: “I’m happy to help people across the university with their digital/multimodal projects. It is also a good thing for teachers to let their students know about if they need access to a computer or specifically to a Mac.”


Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture: February 23-25

LCLC will be held February 23-25. The conference program can be found here.

Check out the Writing Center events calendar for upcoming writing events.

Check out the PLAN Workshop series through the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies for professional development workshop opportunities.


CFP Database

Conference on Community Writing: Due Friday, February 3

19th Annual Michicagoan Conference: The Writing’s on the Wall: Due March 3, 2017

Filson Historical Society Fellowships and Internships: Application Due February 15, 2017


What I Wish I’d Known in Graduate School by Dr. Bruce Horner

What I’m Working On by Chris Scheidler 

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